An Overview of Investment Banking

The recipient of such accolades as Mining Deal of the Year 2011 courtesy of ThomsonReuters/Deloitte, John Park founded RCI Group, a privately held financial firm, in 1996. Under his leadership, the firm has experienced phenomenal growth, earning annual sales of CAD 40 million and maintaining offices in the United States, Korea, India, and China, as well as other regions. Through RCI, John Park manages a diverse array of financial services including asset management and investment banking.

An arena of high finance and a source immense satisfaction and wealth when investment deals turn huge profits, investment banking attracts all manner of dedicated professionals. Investment banking is a subset of finance that concerns helping companies increase funds and expand portfolios. Investment bankers tend to be highly qualified and expertly trained, as the position requires them to command knowledge of stocks, bonds, corporate acquisitions, and other areas.

Due to the diverse requirements of the job, investment bankers apply their knowledge in a myriad of ways. Some professionals dispense advice concerning mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Others scrutinize the market, following it day by day to pinpoint the optimal moment for a privately held company to make an initial public offering (IPO).

Investment banking is one of the most lucrative positions in finance, but enormous responsibility offsets that prestige. Companies depend on investment bankers to make accurate projections and put together deals that reap huge rewards. Because of the high stakes involved and the thousands of companies in need of sound advice, investment bankers enjoy job security and room for growth in the field.


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