John Park – Launch of the Korea Canada Foundation

As the president and CEO of RCI Capital Group, John Park draws on extensive experience in international corporate leadership, project management, and finance. Alongside his career, John Park has contributed his expertise to several community-building endeavors, including serving as the founding director of the Canada Korea Foundation.

February of 2011 marked the establishment of the Canada Korea Foundation, an organization created to promote relations between Canada and Korea. Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke at the launch in Coquitlam, British Columbia, welcoming guests that included Consul General Choi from the Republic of Korea and members of Canada’s parliament.

In his speech, Prime Minister Harper recognized many for their efforts on behalf of Korean and other ethnocultural communities across Canada and honored Korean and Canadian veterans of the Korean War for their dedication to principles of freedom and democracy. He also commended the creators of the foundation, including Yonah Kim-Martin, the first Canadian senator of Korean heritage. Throughout the speech, he spoke with hope for the future and the alliance between Canada and Korea for the sake of peace.


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